Telkom International Selects Cascadiant To Deploy And Manage Its Green Power Network For Timor Leste

Telkom International Selects Cascadiant To Deploy And Manage Its Green Power Network For Timor Leste

Green energy solutions company Cascadiant Pte Ltd. has signed a multi-year Agreement with Indonesian operator Telkom International (TELIN), a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia, to deploy and manage their nationwide energy network providing prime and back-up power to their newly deployed Timor Leste 3G wireless network.

With this Agreement, Cascadiant has deployed a solution that includes methanol-based fuel cells and integrates solar and wind into a full turnkey power solution. Cascadiant also will take full responsibility for the management of all aspects of the TELIN power solution across multiple vendors under its Managed Energy Solution (MES™).

Cascadiant’s Managed Energy Solution (MES™) offers an industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on the very highest Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). By integrating its IntelSiteTM monitoring platform, Cascadiant fully manages every aspect of the network on a 7/24 basis via its Network Operations Center located in Jakarta, Indonesia and its local field service office in Timor. It is the most innovated energy solution on the market.

“The wireless industry continues to deploy diesel generators. In fact the number of diesel generators deployed by operators in jut the last two years are producing CO2 equivalent to over 20 million cars. That is simply not the right direction”, according to Marshall Towe, Cascadiant Founder and CEO.

Together with Telin, Cascadiant is showing the industry that with the right business model operator’s can in fact deploy green energy solutions and reap not only the environmental benefits of significant carbon footprint reduction, but also greatly reduce operating costs while increasing network reliability.

Cascadiant is already working with operators across Asia who are aggressively adopting various forms of clean energy. Towe concluded, “Our MES™ eliminates the risks operators face when deploying new green technologies. Our fixed price long-term energy contract, provides the very highest level of performance at a total cost of ownership well below that of the outdated and polluting alternatives which means here is no longer any reason for operators to continue to pollute the environment using century old environmentally harmful diesel generators for back-up power”.

About Cascadiant
Cascadiant is a venture backed energy and power solutions integrator with offices throughout Asia, Middle East, and Africa. The firm partners with best-in-breed green technology companies to deliver value added, integrated solutions that are combined with in-house developed products specifically focused on lowering a customer’s equipment and operating costs while dramatically reducing their emissions and carbon footprint.

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